Channel and Marathon Swims in Japan

Channel and Marathon Swims in Japan

Ocean Navi supports individual swimmers or teams who want to swim in waters around Japan. Ocean Navi has supported 20 swimmers in Tsugaru Channel (30km), 30 swimmers in Sado Channel (45km), crossing Suruga Bay (22km), crossing between Izuinatori and Oshima (30km), 80 swimmers in Onjuku (4km). Ocean Navi has also guided 40 swimmers in Borneo (14km) and 7 swimmers in the Philippines (4km). Our numbers are increasing each year.

Ocean Navi has assisted many swimmers who attempted a crossing of the Tsugaru Channel and succeeded. For example, Japanese national TV broadcasted a charity swim across the Tsugaru Channel where two Olympic gold medalists, TV actors and a blind girl swam across the Tsugaru Channel in 2008 and 2009. Masayuki Moriya, the Ocean Navi president, also completed the channel swim in 11 hours 55 minutes in 2011.
In 2012, Ocean Navi supported American swimmer, Darren Miller, and Irish swimmer, Stephen Redmond, who both successfully swam across the channel. Ocean Navi also supported a Japanese Relay team this year.

The 2014, tentatively the following date are available for swimmers
who want to cross the Tsugaru channel: June 4th and 5th / June 6th and
7th / July 5th and 6th / July 14th and 15th / August 8th and 7th/ August 31st and Sep 1st / Sep 2nd and 3rd / Oct 1st and 2nd / Oct 3rd and 4th

Ocean Navi works with Open Water Source to help support foreign swimmers in Japan.

Boat captain Mizushima is an experienced fisherman whose rate of completion is nearly 90% across the Tsugaru Channel.


Masayuki Moriya: Japan Swimming Federation Open Water Swimming Committee Member
Shonan Open Water Swimming Race Director
Onjuku Ocean Swim Race Director
Izu Matsuzaki Ocean Swim Race Director
Promotion Council of Japan Disaster Relief NPO (JAEA)

Steven Munatones: President, Open Water Source LLC
Editor-in-Chief, Daily News of Open Water Swimming
International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame, Chief Administrator
Yuko Matsuzaki: Director, Open Water Source LLC
International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame, Vice President, Asia
Honorary Japanese Consul Executive Secretary for Mr. Harris Rosen
Japanese Leisure Sales Liaison, Rosen Hotels & Resorts

English in Japan

Don’t worry! Email exchange prior to the race can be done in English! Upon your request, English translator can be arranged once you have arrived in Japan. Please let us know.

Travel Support

H.I.S is the official travel agency of the 2014 Tsugaru channel
swimming. Please email to for Flights,
Transportations and Hotels at unbeatable prices.


No need to bring heavy equipment such as cooler box. We have equipped with safety items, thermometer, anemometer, stop watch, GPS and various items needed by channel swimmers.

Application by proxy

We can fill out and turn in any necessary documents for the Japan Coast Guard, the local fisherman’s union so you don’t have to go through the complicated process in Japanese .

Contact : Masayuki Moriya, President, Ocean Navi Inc.
Email: URL:

Steven Munatones, Representative (email:

Yuko Matsuzaki, Representative (email:

Tsugaru channel introduction

Ocean-Navi is affiliated with the Tsugaru Channel Swimming Association. There are 2 organizations governing solo and relay swims across the Tsugaru Channel. The Tsugaru Channel Swimming Association is the oldest, most popular and, by far, the most successful organization. It has recognized the swims of International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame swimmers David Yudovin and Steven Munatones, as well as assisted successful Oceans Seven swimmers like Darren Miller and Stephen Redmond.

The Tsugaru Channel Swimming Association has the most experienced escort pilots who live right along the Tsugaru Channel on Tappi Misaki, and its operations and safety policies were created with the marathon swimmer in mind.

The recommended course (Honshu-to-Hokkaido) of the Tsugaru Channel Swimming Association either begins at Kodomari Peninsula or Tappi Misaki on the western peninsula of Aomori Prefecture, depending on the speed of the swimmer. These courses take advantage of the natural currents and tides of the Tsugaru Channel and give the swimmer the highest probability of success.

The affiliated hotels and inns of the Tsugaru Channel Swimming Association are located right near Tappi Misaki on Aomori Prefecture where the escort pilots live. This makes your visit convenient, eliminating many problems and much preparation time on the day of your swim.

The alternative organization, the Tsugaru Strait Swimming Association, offers courses that begin on the Eastern Peninsula of Aomori Prefecture, starting near the town of Toi.


Tsugaru Travel support

Is this your first visit to Japan? Are you excited to swim across the Tsugaru Channel?Do you need information?Please visit this web site. Ocean-navi and the Tsugaru Channel Swimming Association has many travel hints for you.

Almost all tourists will arrive at Tokyo Narita Airport. This is the Narita International Airport official web site:

This is a video about arrival in Tokyo:

If you arrive in Narita Airport during the evening, We recommend to stay in Hotels near the Narita Airport.

Take Shower, get some rest, Watch Japanese TV.....

From Narita International Airport area to Aomori Prefecture, We recommend taking a high speed JR train.

At first, take the JR Narita Express to Tokyo Station.
Narita Express

You will arrive at the center of Tokyo. It is a huge train station. Take a deep breath and watch information signs carefully. Japanese trains are always punctual so do not be late.

Take JR Tohoku Shinkansen and get off at the Shin-Aomori Station. This will take a few hours.

Want to save a lot of money? Purchase a Japan Rail Pass Before you come to Japan. It is very economical and convenient.

In 2012, Tsugaru Channel swimmer Darren Miller of the USA made this great video:

And all the others.....
Stay in Japanese inn

Japanese food